Gertrude and Alice in Vichyland

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Charles Bernstein in Jacket2:

In “Gertrude and Alice in Vichlyand,” I explore the sources of the disinformation on Stein/WW2, with historical context and documents. One of many questions I ask here: Why was Stein subjected to such virulent scorn when her family art collection was shown at the Met (with no focus on her own work) while Picabia, subject of a full-scale retrospective of his work, was not? Ironically, some of Picabia’s quite intriguing paintings reflect his “murky” views, which is not the case with any of Stein’s literary works.

Read the full text here.

Stein i Stuttgart

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I det akademiske tidsskrift Sensorium Journal 1 som netop er udkommet er der lidt også lidt Stein-godter – bl.a. et rerun af den danske oversættelse af IF I TOLD HIM. A COMPLETED PORTRAIT OF PICASSO, hvis receptionshistorie i tysk cybernetik Ragnild Lome har gravet lidt i…


Gertrude Stein as Bookmaker

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Sarah Stone has an interesting article about The Plain Edition – Gertrude Stein and modernist book history at Jacket2. Found via Harriet.

Gertrude Stein & Philippe Petain

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I det amerikanske webmagazin Jacket2 har Václav Paris skrevet en artikel om Gertrude Steins berygtede oversættelser af Philippe Petains taler. Den kan læses her.

Nuori Voima issue on Gertude Stein

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The Finnish literary magazine Nuori Voima had a Stein issue a couple of years ago. More here.

Every family has to have a ‘funny one’

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Ovre på Promenaden kan man læse om Gertrude Stein Raffel, Steins niece, og hendes potræt af Stein og Steins søskende i There Once Was A Family Called Stein.

Wars, sauces, murder in the kitchen etc.

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Kamilla Löfström skriver på Promenaden om en ny forfatter hun har opdaget: Alice B. Toklas.

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